One of my favorite authors, Ronda Rich, has mentioned me in her newsletter after she experienced a sinus infection.

I’m so tickled…Enjoy!

Hi Y’all From Ronda Rich

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August 26, 2015
Hi Y’all,
You’re the best! I asked for advice on sinus infections and y’all responded enthusiastically. Trust me – I read every email and I will be taking your advice with the exception of the neti pot. I’m gonna have to get real sick to do that. I can’t imagine putting something up my nose which is what I say to Tink whenever I see someone on television sniffing cocaine.
“How could someone sniff stuff up their nose?” I exclaim. “Especially when you don’t know for certain what’s in it.”
It was interesting because a lot of the advice overlapped. And, I want to say that everyone who offered advice had dealt with sinus infections. This would be unlike me who often gives advice on things I know nothing about. Like raising children. Anyway, the repeated advice was probiotics, rest, water and vitamins.
Dr. Sage Campione of on St. Simons Island very kindly reached out. She told in the opening paragraph that she had been inspired to reach out and help other women since reading my first book. It is so remarkable to me how the circle completes itself – my first book helped her then many years she reached out to help me. She said that a sinus infection is often indicative that the gut has been compromised and needs assistance. Dr. Campione told me to take probiotics for six months, daily then reduce to three to four times a week as well as a good multi-oxidant and Vitamin E.
She cautioned to avoid sugar because it feeds the bacteria. My friend, Stevie, who is always reading up on things like this says that research shows that sugar feeds cancer. Back in the mountains where my families are from, there wasn’t a lot of sugar. A cake or cobbler was a special treat and they made “chocolate gravy” which is sauce that they poured over biscuits. That, combined with fresh vegetables and meat they raised, gave them a good organic diet. Nobody died of cancer. Hard work, yes. Cancer, no. And, I’ll tell you another thing – no one got severe dementia. They would have what they called “hardening of the arteries” which caused them to be forgetful or act a little strange but nothing like what we see on a regular basis now. There has to be something to the importance of what we put in our bodies.
Dr. Campione, thank you very much. I’m on it. I’m doing exactly as you suggested. Oh, another thing – I asked her if all vitamins are created equally. My friend, Myra McElhaney, and I were discussing that we had both been told that cheap vitamins aren’t absorbed by the body. She said, “Of course, I was always told that by someone who was selling expensive vitamins.”
She’s so funny and succinct in the way she sums situations up because, come to think about it, that’s who told me that: Someone trying to sell me expensive vitamins. I asked Dr. Campione if it was true that there is a difference in vitamins and she said “yes.” But she also said that the probiotics will help with the absorption of the vitamins. Thank you, Dr. Campione and all of you who sent similar advice. Especially about drinking water. Kathy Dean wrote one of the most interesting emails with a list of all she has learned about sinus infections. It was intriguing. When I got through reading her email, I made up my mind that I am going to be conscious on drinking lots of water.
Myra McElhaney also sent lots of strong thoughts. I have to say this about Myra: She is one of the smartest, most level-headed people that I have ever known. I have known her since I was 18 and we worked in cosmetics together at Belk department store. She amazes me by how much she knows. She is constantly reading and always on top of things. If someone said to me, “Pick one person for your top advisor for the rest of your life,” without question, Myra would be in my final Top 5. I admire people who are self-starters and constant learners. She is definitely one of those people and one who craves knowledge.
So when Myra pointed out that she had discovered that her sinus infections always came on the heels of an over-packed, stressful schedule, I listened. She’s the kind of person who would actually chart these occurrences! She wrote a truly insightful, helpful email. If I were her, I would be tired of having to give me so much advice. Thank you, Myra.
There’s not enough room to mention everyone who wrote or all the advice but please know: I appreciate y’all so much and I am listening carefully.

Contact me with any questions you may have about preventing sinus infections further at

Be Your Best Health,

Dr. Sage Campione

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