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Integrative Medicine is the new path to health care!

Concierge Wellness Care offers a personalized, progressive healthcare plan for wellness, weight loss, hormonal support, adrenal healing, nutritional advocacy, brain nutrition, and mental health.

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There is always hope, even near death.

Chiropractor and Integrative Medicine practitioner, Sage Campione, finds herself as a patient in the ICU in Saint Simons, Georgia, with an extreme case of COVID-19 in March of 2021. “Eight Days Under,” tells the harrowing journey of Dr. Campione being placed in a medical coma, including a near-death experience where she has an encounter with Jesus. She awakes to find people dying all around her, and she is forced to become her own health advocate, despite resistance from the medical staff. Sage’s faith and determination help her survive, and she and her husband, Darrell, witness the power of a community rallying around them through a long and arduous healing process.

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