Sitting up straight is easy when you’re young, but not so much as you get older.

Habits and posture patterns come into play.   We hunch over the steering wheel with our heads more forward then our bodies, as if we will get there faster.  Our jobs require us to sit in front of a computer with our shoulders rounded as our dominant hand works the mouse for hours on end. There’s too much work to take a break so we eat lunch at our desks and only get up to go home where we slouch into a soft couch.

What if, after an 11 hour work day, you take your under shirt off and you have more energy and feel great?

Introducing Alignment Evidence Based Apparel:


This shirt is better than spanx, more comfortable, and proven to correct and support posture.

I love wearing it and I love the way I feel after a long day at work. As a chiropractor, my job is very physical and mental.  I need the support just as much as you do while I am hunched over an exam table correcting people’s posture all day long.

I am so excited about this shirt that I bought one for my husband and one for my mom for Christmas.

They are perfect for every day wear and especially for women, who are chest heavy (with or without reduction), the man who has a belly and complains of low back pain, the teenager whose future career counts on good posture, and for the elderly who suffer with osteoporosis.

It’s a new year, invest in yourself and your health, because gadets come and go but you only have ONE spine.

Contact me to learn more or find out which shirt option might be best for you.

Be your best health,

Dr. Sage Campione

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