What a sweet feeling to know you are growing your family and welcoming a new addition. Just thinking of the excitement, my mind goes right to the space they will be sleeping in and asking myself , “Have I created the best space for this precious being in our world?”

To answer this, you must first decide which room will be theirs.

Now, how do we want to decorate? Oh my, thinking of decorating, I just realized we need to paint the room and give it a fresh clean look, right?

Ahh..painting always seems to brighten and freshen up a room, with a quick stroke of the paint brush, but does it really?

Let’s just think about paint for a moment.  According to our Government, there are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in the paint. These are the horrible and potentially dangerous fumes. Opening a window does not work to rid the fumes from an enclosed room.   You could buy the low VOC products, but guess what? It is only low VOC sitting wet in the paint can. After painting on your walls with low VOC, while drying it emanates the same amount of VOC fumes as does the regular paint and with the extra cost attached to it.

Your ‘new edition’ is so important to you, this beautiful baby is helpless and we need to be on our toes to protect this child from, polyurethane, parabens, phenols, benzenes, and yes of course VOC.

But how?

I have a solution.  the brand I strongly recommend is SAFECOAT. On this site you can search the perfect color with a clear conscious that you will help your baby have most healthiest sleeping environment.

Besides paint, the flooring is just as critical.

Decide if you will have carpet or natural flooring.

If you have carpet, use a “safecoat” natural carpet shampoo. This will lift over 800 chemicals from the carpet because you and I know, once that precious little tiger starts crawling they will be face down in the carpet. If you decide natural flooring, look into Ecofusion, they have some great color choices.

Happy shopping and enjoy that little bundle of joy! Contact me if you have any questions or wish to discuss this topic further.

Written with Love,

Dr. Sage Campione