Sage Campione D.C.

Sage_Campione_largeIt’s time to stop allowing insurance companies and the government to dictate your health care and take back control of your life, health and wellness. Sage Campione, D.C. (Doc Sage), a preventive health and wellness physician, believes that our current medical system is broken, and that the quality of patient care will continue to decline as a result of the Affordable Care Act. And she’s right; under health care reform, it is projected that more than 32 million Americans will be covered by health insurance, further reducing time spent with patients and quality of care among our growing shortage of primary care physicians.

Since realizing this, Doc Sage has created Concierge Wellness Care™, a personal, wholistic (mind-body-spirit) wellness protocol,  to help patients take back control of their health and wellness, with less reliance on our broken medical system.

Doc Sage’s ultimate dream is to “empower men and women to make smart choices”, and to create a mindful shift in as many people as possible that “you can own your health.” You do have choices that will not only help you feel “normal”, but will also point you in the right direction to give you the life you truly want.

Doc Sage’s greatest goal is to provide people with the essential tools needed to continue their health long after their meeting with her. In today’s conventional healthcare system there is too much “quickness to medicate” and not enough time invested to gain a more detailed, comprehensive knowledge of the patient.

You won’t experience Doc Sage putting you in a category or box…she will take significant time to get to know your personality, genetics, and more in order to understand WHY you are experiencing your symptoms and HOW you’ll address the root cause with the RIGHT protocol and tools.

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